Eclectic Townhouse

This townhouse was designed for an international client who has a great love for the French decorative arts, particularly the period from the 1880s through the 1940s.

I was able to integrate their antiques and collectables into the design and create an interior with attention to the finest details.

The library is dramatic and features an incredible Art Nouveau sideboard which anchors the room. The wall paneling was custom lacquered and gold leafed and is set off with a cut velvet upholstered frieze.

This is paired with a 1930s Jules Leleu sofa, an end table by art nouveau master furniture maker Louis Majorelle and a contemporary mirror by French artist Hervé Van Der Straeten. A rug, custom woven to my design, pulls the whole room together.

The client wanted the family room on the top floor to be less formal and dense, and I used green tones to connect it to the terrace and make the space feel light and calming.


The entrance hall is one of my favorite rooms. I had the carpet custom manufactured so that the pattern is perfectly positioned to hit every step in the correct place. Then, the same pattern was stenciled onto the walls in a clear gloss varnish. The home has multiple layers that you only notice over time; it’s designed so that it does not overwhelm the viewer all at once, but slowly reveals itself to you.